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Residential & Commercial Pickup Spreaders

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SaltDogg® Two Cubic Yard Gas Stainless Hopper Spreader

SaltDogg® Gas Hopper Spreader

Gas-powered spreader for commercial use

SaltDogg® Electric Stainless Hopper w/Pintle Chain Conveyor

SaltDogg® Electric Hopper Spreader

Great for contractors and businesses

SaltDogg® Electric Stainless Hopper w/ Auger

SaltDogg® Hopper Spreader Auger

Designed for contractors and businesses

SaltDogg® PRO2000 Electric Poly Hopper Spreader w/Auger

SaltDogg® PRO2000 Salt Spreader

Heavy-duty salt spreader in a compact design

SaltDogg® Spreaders

We carry the full line of SaltDogg® Spreaders for personal, commercial, and municipal use. Contact us to find out the best product to fill your specific equipment and pricing needs.  

We Install & Service Salt Spreaders

Let us take the hassle out of installation. Our professional installers are ready to take care of your vehicles and install your new salt spreader.

Call and speak to one of our snow equipment specialists today!